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Rent a Chef

Hire professional chefs for events, catering, fairs, weddings, congresses …

Planning Menu

You need help designing a menu for a new object, the season. We are here for you!


We can help you in your quest.

In our team, there are only professional chefs with years of experience.

We provide experts for all your events, catering, fairs or in cases of lack of your staff, such as vacation, illness, overtime, etc …

Book our qualified personnel for the duration of your event and pay for only the hours actually worked.

If required, we can also provide you the contact to the cooks who are looking for a permanent position.


A good menu is essential for any good restaurant.

If you are starting a new restaurant, or you are modernizing existing, you need ideas for the menu for your event, please contact us.

Our team will sit down with you, listen to your vision of the restaurant, desires, suggestions and of course possibilities. In accordance with this, we will create the best menu for your restaurant or event.

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